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Via Flickr user The Library of Congress

Via Flickr user The Library of Congress

Today Jay Rifenbary spoke to some of our senior leaders about his “No Excuse!” philosophy.  One of the questions he asked them struck me.  First, he asked if our leaders had company values.  He wasn’t surprised to hear the answer was yes.  What he asked next, though, surprised our leaders.

“Have you ever sat at the dinner table and asked your children what they thought the family values were?”

Think about that for a minute.  We spend so much time thinking about how we can be better leaders at work; how often do we really work on what kind of leaders we are at home?  If you’re only focusing on being a good leader in business, what kind of person are you being with your family and friends?  Do you have any energy left for them once you get home?  You can’t expect to be a good leader in one part of your life if you’re ignoring your actions in the rest of it.  If you just work on your values part of the time, you’re not really challenging yourself to actually live what you believe, and what you preach to your employees. 

Leadership is not just about getting business results.  Leadership is a lifestyle.  It’s a journey that requires 24-7 attention. 

When was the last time you practiced being a leader with your significant other or your child?  What leadership tenets do you think are the most important to bring to the dinner table?


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