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My background in public relations and marketing put me in a position as a business communicator right out of college. Since that time, I have had a range of experiences within the field of communications. While most of my time is spent on organizational communication and employee relations I have also gained a lot of experience in community relations, crisis preparedness, event planning, graphics and photography, and leadership “wrangling”. I’m in the middle of a graduate program in organizational leadership because I feel that the role of the corporate communicator in the future will be as a strategic advisor to the leadership team. Communications and leadership are inextricably tied so I think that those with a PR background – a background in building and encouraging relationships – have the power to become great strategic advisors. In my free time, I enjoy being active: particularly by running, cycling, hiking and skiing. I also really enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures and backgrounds around the world. I’m psyched to learn more about myself by learning more from others – so please leave a comment and engage in the conversation! -Michelle Bennett

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